Monday, July 7, 2008

Will Richardson Video

Years ago I used to have a "Literary Society" where students could come to the library and discuss a book. Will Richardson's video showed how blogging could be a great way to discuss books with the students and the author at the same time. When I get back to school I plan to start a Literary Society Blog. I can also create a blog before book fair to tell the students about some of the books in the flyer and ask the students to post also.

For my personal life I would love to start a family and or friends blog. A lot of my family and friends live out of state. What a great way to keep in touch!


B-EZ said...

I agree, I haven't organized a literary society in the past, but every year I have my students complete independent reading projects. Next year I want to start an Shelfari and also an IR Project Community for discussing each book!

Karen Kliegman said...

Love the ideas you have here for implementing blogs! As far as the personal blog, I know someone who is having his father (who is in his 80's) blog about his life - a historical document that the whole family will treasure!


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